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To defeat war, you've gotta become war. Legendary movie hero Rambo has seen more than his fair share of videogame licenses, with several versions of First Blood Part II and Rambo 3 coming to consoles, arcades and home computers. This is the most recent offering but you have to wonder why anyone bothered with it, seeing as though it is completely dire and not worthy of any self-respecting gamer's time. It's based around the first three movies, taking sequences from each one (plus a prequel level set in Vietnam which serves as a tutorial) and then turning them into a first person on-rails shooter, rather like a slightly more advanced version of Operation Wolf (but without the fun). Like other such games, there's no freedom of movement and for the most part, you're simply required to gun down waves of bad guys in order to progress. There are also moments when you're required to take out someone using a non-lethal quick-time event, as well as stealth sections, in an attempt to mix things up. There are other elements too, such as mission objectives, a "wrath" meter, various weapons and even an appearance by Colonel Trautman. However, none of these things are enough to prevent this from being anything other than terrible. Perhaps the biggest issue with the game is the fact that it feels so far out of date, despite being released in 2014. It's more like something from the late 90s so it's something of cheat to be charging full price for something so far behind the times. It might also have been quite fun in the arcade with a light gun, but to sit in front of a computer and play this with a mouse and keyboard is just wrong. Avoid.