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Denby Raze2013
AdventureCrime investigationPoint and clickPuzzle basedIndieModern

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Escape from climate change. It might not be the longest or most visually flashy or games, but if you're looking for a bit of clever (albeit short-lived) point-and-click adventuring to satisfy that Monkey Island itch, then Richard and Alice might just be enough to satisfy you. It's not a classic of the genre, but it's quirky and unusual, which helps it stand out from the crowd somewhat. The plot here finds Richard and Alice as two prisoners, who are held captive deep underground in a world that has been torn apart by catastrophic climate change. As the adventure unfolds and they attempt their escape, we learn more about this world and the reasons for the characters' imprisonment and it is this intriguing narrative that proves to be one of the game's most interesting aspects. In terms of gameplay, this is a fairly traditional point-and-clicker, with most of the puzzles on offer being of the inventory-based variety. The whole thing is presented in a minimalist sort of way, with understated visuals and a small cast of characters, with the focus being on exploring the world and the place of these people in it. There are multiple endings to uncover, which gives the game some much-needed replay value, as it is somewhat on the short side, with only a limited number of locations to explore. The game is easy to pick up, with a simple interface that takes no time to learn. The story is mostly interesting, but there is some forced dialogue which is a bit awkward to read. Expect to spend a lot of time reading as well, rather than actually playing, but this is fairly par for the course for such games, so if you do enjoy the genre, you should get some fun here.