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A fight of good and evil
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You shall never defeat me!
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Standard hack 'n' slash experience. This follow up to the original Sacred follows closely in its predecessor's footsteps, and might make an entertaining diversion for fans of Diablo or Titan Quest. It's not exactly a classic fantasy experience and has a number of faults, but it's certainly fun for a while. The player gets to explore a world which is on the edge of destruction and is threatened by chaos on all fronts, with a mysterious energy source spreading across the land. This energy turns everything into mutants and monsters so it's your job to venture forth and put a stop to it all before it's too late. What this means in game terms is a fairly typical hack 'n' slash RPG adventure, where you explore dungeons and other environments, pick up side quests and kill a whole lot of monsters. You can choose whether to fight for the forces of darkness or light, which makes for an interesting change, while there are also thousands of items and weapons to discover, as well as 500 hundred or so quests to complete. For the most part, this is a solid enough adventure. There's little that's particularly new on offer here, so don't expect any staggering innovations, and to begin with exploration and combat are quite fun. However, it soon becomes apparent that's there's little else going on, and combat is quickly revealed to be less than stellar, with floaty animations and being less than satisfying. The quests are frequently tedious stuff (like getting a book from the library), while there's also a lot of grinding and a really dodgy camera too, which bring things down. Overall though, it's not terrible, just not that special either.