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Crass, offensive but fun. The Saints Row series has never been one to shy away from controversy and if you aren't a fan of games which are crass and offensive, then this sequel is not for you. However, if this doesn't bother you, then you are in for a rollicking good time. The story here picks up a couple of years after the end of the original and finds the player caught once more in some shady gang-related goings on, with the intention of bringing the gang back up to number one. What follows is a sort of Grand Theft Auto on steroids, as the player explores a vast open world, carrying out a huge range of offbeat missions and encountering any number of whacked out characters. There really is an absolute stack of things to do and unlike other similar games, you actually want to go off on the sidequests here as they are simply so much fun. There are also loads of vehicles and weapons to discover as well as heaps of customization options to keep you entertained. The offensive part of the game comes in the language, the characters and even the customization but if you can get past this, there is an awful lot of fun to be had here. Although the world is slightly smaller than other similar games, it makes up for it by being so packed full of activities, so you never have to go far to find something to do. The graphics are perhaps a little sub-par, as is the music and sound, but the controls, for vehicles and combat, are spot on, ensuring that playing the game is entertaining and easy. Saints Row 2 certainly isn't a classic that will linger with you, but while it lasts, it's a fun ride.