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Virgin Interactive1996
RacingRallyArcade styleChallengesActionSimulationSports

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So that means Screamer 2 right? Cool.
And we're off!
I don't like tunnels.
Umm, where did everyone go?
Who put that tree there?
Those buildings look a little wobbly.
Well, I'm getting better.
So I have to go right?
It's still looking a bit quiet. But at least this seems like a nice city.
I guess I'm at the back?
Let's roll!
That helicopter pilot should watch out
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Wacky rally game, a bit cartoonish violent but surely fun!. Screamer 2 is the much expected sequel to Screamer. It ups the ante considerably by making the game much more rally like, rally oriented. Sure, playing dirty, taking your opponents out by means of bumping into them is still there, to be used at your leisure, but at any rate, Screamer 2 more focused on actually driving at your best than going for full mayhem. Graphically too it's a considerable update since the days of the first game in the series; it shows especially in the details that are scattered in the levels, the amount of details that the roads have, the cars and the animations too. Also, the number of tracks, and their graphics have become a little less homogenous; there are loads of vistas to go through, sand tracks, gravel, and loads of tracks in deserted areas. You can also go on and further customize your vehicles, with a higher number of options, both functional as well as visual only. So download it, it's a great, fun, retro racer, also very satisfying graphically and thus, pretty fun to play all around.
A good quality racing game with advanced graphics. Virgin Interactive, the makers of Cyberia, Devil May cry and Falcon Patrol bring us the sequel of the racing game Screamer. Overall, this is a decent car racing game. Not of the best I've seen, but still pretty good and it should be noted that the game's graphics were really revolutionary at the time. The animation is very nice and the graphics solid and credible, if a bit grainy. There have been a lot of changes in gameplay since the original Screamer - the game became more oriented on rally racing so instead of 12 high-performance road cars of the previous game you can choose among 4 rally cars. The tracks are each one of a kind, so there won'be that "You play one, you've played them all" feeling, since each is unique in its way. There is no soundtrack for this game during racing, just the sounds of engine running and tires squeaking. The game provides all that is needed for a racing game fan, and that is all that is important. A really good racing game with a lot of excitement and fun. Give it a try.