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Kick off, Italy vs Ireland
Time for a substitution
Preparing the tacticts
A match against Norway
Hernandez shoot!
It's a foul on Chiesa
Round stage matches
The ball is in the air
Quarter of final, missing Italy vs Germany
Throw in
Preparing the tactics for the semifinal against Argentina
Casiraghi shoot!
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Classic yet still delightfully playable soccer game. Sensible Soccer had stricken an enviable balance between simulation and playability, choosing to forgo lots of football sim elements in the favor of accessibility. This title didn't forget its mantra, and, thus, the SWOS 96/97 version of the game feels just as simple and easy to jump into. The game still hadn't made the jump into the realm of 3D graphics but that won't bother you. The animations and camera following the players around create a very watchable, easy on the eyes, spectacle. Don't think that just because the title doesn't use 100 buttons and button combinations it can't create a worthwhile experience. Quite on the contrary, matches are very tight, play faster than the older Sensible Soccer games and will manage to keep you excited and drive you at the edge of your seat, especially when the referee decides that you've went for a tackle a bit too aggressively. I would argue that this Sensible Soccer title is one of the best soccer games of the 90s and one of the best designed soccer simulations in regard to playability, even in today's age.
Best football game ever. Maybe its nastalga, maybe it's fact, but I think this game is simply superb! It's not FIFA in terms of gameplay and ability to flick the ball here there and everywhere, but considering its some 16 years old keys look at what it has inside the game. Firstly gameplay is seriously easy to play and fun, you can create a formation which is un heard of in 96', transfers were cash or cash for player or player for Player, now let's consider FIFA 13 who have only just added these features due to huge demand is a clear example of its innovation in off field gameplay. Players with age lost speed etc and there price dropped alongside which was realistic, and development of youth players is another innovation. From me it's a highly recommended choice