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Might and Delight2013
AdventureIndieSimulationVirtual life

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Be like the badger!. On the surface, Shelter is quite similar to those classic animal simulator games from back in the day, Lion and Wolf, which gave players a fairly realistic view of the animal kingdom. Shelter however, is more of a linear experience which is divided into chapters, with a stronger sense of narrative but stands as an enthralling and very unusual adventure. Here, you take the role of a mother badger and must protect your young from all the threats that life throws at them, including birds of prey, terrifying river crossings, forest fires and starvation. You'll have to carry out all the mundane acts of everyday life, such as searching for shelter, food and whathaveyou, but they're all presented in such a way as to make them seem exotic and exciting. The game starts out simply, introducing mechanics slowly so as to ease players in, while the controls are also slick and intuitive, and the world is presented in reasonably detailed 3D. Shelter really is quite an unusual game but it's this sheer originality which gives it such appeal. Playing the role of a badger is quite different from the usual heroes associated with video games, and this one does open your eyes to another world and make you think about things from a different perspective. The game isn't particularly hard but it is fascinating and the point is to immerse you in this other world, that is just as alien as any planet in outer space. The chapters are all quite varied and give you different activities, most of which are fun to play, and overall, this is a captivating little game which is well worth a look.