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The Brotherhood2015
AdventurePoint and clickHorror

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A masterclass is terror. Although mixing Silent Hill, Planescape: Torment and the Lurking Horror might sound like asking for trouble, STASIS actually turns out to be a superb and genuinely unsettling adventure that really should be on the top of any horror fan's list. The game is a point-and-click isometric adventure which blends an intriguing and very gruesome narrative which some well designed puzzles and a haunting atmosphere to glorious effect. The story here revolves around John, who awakes from hypersleep to find himself seemingly alone on a deserted spaceship. As he explores, he discovers that the ship is on a crash course with Neptune but there are also darker and more terrifying secrets to uncover and which will see John delving into the deepest recesses of his own troubled mind. The game itself is viewed from an isometric perspective, and is played out in isometric fashion. As you explore the well designed and claustrophobic ship, you must solve puzzles and uncover the truth behind what's going on by interacting with the numerous characters you meet along the way. In pretty much every respect, this is a top notch game. The visuals are dark and haunting, with a nice level of detail and some lovely design work. The narrative is familiar on the surface and starts out slowly, but soon builds up to a satisfying and gripping level. Exploration is a genuinely fraught affair, with plenty of creepy and terrifying moments along the way, while the puzzles are realistic, challenging and well implemented into the story. All in all, this is first class entertainment.