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Get busy digging or get busy dying.... Steamworld Dig is a curious little game which isn't going to keep you playing forever but which has a lot to offer in terms of its visual appeal and its Metroid/Castlevania-style platforming fun. It's got a rich mix of Western and Steampunk influences, and is set in a surprisingly detailed world which is fascinating to explore, and is only really let down by its short running time. While it lasts though, this is a solid piece of entertainment. You play the part of Rusty, a mining robot, as he arrives at a dusty old mining town in search of his missing uncle, and with the town under threat from a mysterious foe. Things start out simply enough, as you set to some mining in order to find out what happened to your uncle, but as you dig deeper, you find evidence of something more mysterious and dangerous. The game itself focuses mainly on digging and uncovering secrets, with plenty of upgrades to make things more interesting, and while this might not sound much fun, it actually proves highly compelling. The world is randomized so you get to explore something new each time, but a strong sense of linearity pervades so don't expect a radically different experience if you play again. However, there is a genuine sense of adventure and heading into the unknown, and when combined with the slick, stylish visuals, this creates a game which will certainly keep you hooked for at least a few hours. Some extra value is added by the unlockables, but even without these, if you know you're not going to get a truly epic adventure, there's a good time to be had here.