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PuzzleEducationTyping or writing
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Starting the story
It's true
The story unfolds
Gripping stuff
What's going to happen next?
It certainly sounds fun
This is not going to end well
Uh oh!
What a sad story
Game introduction title screen - cover
The princess struggled fiercly
Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Great educational and fun game for kids. The game is an excellent and exciting educational game which brings out the creativity in the children and gives them to chance to polish their writing skills. They can express their creativity for drawing and sounds. It has been basically designed for providing kids with more than just a simple paper for expressing their creativity. For writing, they can choose from many different themes such as space, oceans and king's castle and also have great variety of different characters which they can incorporate into different sceneries. The graphical interface of this game has been designed with a lot of innovations and varieties and they have ensured that every little feature of the animations and the scenery can be customized by the user. You have the option of changing the background, the color combination and even the themes of any scenery or scenario and this really makes it an interesting and fun game for kids. Similarly the sounds or the music in the game is also quite inviting and calls for a lot of creativity. Overall it really enhances the abilities of children to be expressive and creative. So for those who are looking out for games for their kids, this one is probably the best recommendation.