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Capybara Games2014
ArcadePlatformerAction basedActionIndieCombat

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Run 'n' gun. Anyone who's a fan of old-school scrolling platform/shooters like Contra and Turrican would be well advised to check out this modern entry into the genre. It's got some lovely retro-style visuals, plenty of action and some interesting time-traveling mechanics that all add up to a good time. There is a story here but it's all a bit mad and bonkers but which basically sees you visiting various periods in history and the future and blowing stuff up with big guns. You've got sixteen characters to play around with, as well as lots of cool weapons, but the main draw here is the way the game can be played as a single-player co-op experience. You are actually in control of time here, so you can rewind it to jump in and play alongside yourself at a previous section. It's a delightfully simple mechanic but one which adds an intriguing layer of complexity to the game, as it almost makes it feel like a puzzler at times, as your choices can affect both the past and the future. As far as run 'n' gun games go, this is up there with Metal Slug (if not quite at the same level). It's got all the fast and furious action that you could hope for, with some truly frenetic sections that really get the heart pumping. It's also got some cool retro visuals, which are done in a very charming pixel style which is both detailed and full of personality. The sound is equally as cool, and the controls are tight and responsive. The only drawback is the relatively short running time but apart from this, this is a great little game.