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Hit Squad1996
RacingArcade styleCar and actionChallenges
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Main menu introduction
Those are all the circuits around the world
Going to race in Australia
Two cars in front of you
You've get rid of them!
He looks serious...
Malaysia race
Only 7th and the last lap
Repair your car
You can use those short cut if you're lucky
Typical top down view of the game
S Panchez has won the race
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Fabulous fun and fantasy racing. it is super fun top down racing game where an element of adventure and fantasy has been add through introducing some attractive and fictitious cars. They will compete in a battle or championship which will take place in the midst of a desert where you will find some very competitive and perilous circuits. The view of the race in the desert will be an overhead view and the graphics to support this view have been integrated well to provide the user with a thrilling gameplay. There are many twists and turns in the game in the form of some very perilous circuits and some deadly curves on speedy tracks. The gameplay gets more competitive and exciting with elements like oil, water and mud spread on the tracks which impacts on the control and speed of the car. However the controls work great and you can easily twist your car through various curves and hurdles. The computer controlled drivers give you a really tough time and the points that you score by wining different races will be accumulated to decide whether you win the championship or not. You can also upgrade the car through the money that you get for every race. Well the whole set up supports a thrilling racing car game and will surely excite you big time. For car racing game lovers, Crazy Cars 3 serves as a good alternative to this game.