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Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 5 pc game
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A fine return to form. The original entries in the classic point-and-click series, Monkey Island, are some of the best regarded of the genre, standing alongside Beneath a Steel Sky and Day of the Tentacle. The humor and clever puzzles were a breath of fresh air and still stand up well today, so it's no surprise that the franchise was recently resurrected, resulting in the Tales of Monkey Island series. Of course, this being chapter 5, there's no point playing it if you haven't played the earlier episodes, but if you have, this is a no-brainer as it does bring it all to a close, and in great style. Kicking off where the last one ended, this one finds our hero Guybrush in the afterlife and, without giving too much away, sees him trying to find his way out in order to defeat LeChuck and get his girl back. The gameplay is pretty much the same as ever, and similar to other Telltale games like Walking Dead, and mostly involves exploring, interacting with other characters and solving inventory-based puzzles. The graphics are now full 3D, while the series as a whole is very accessible to newcomers as although there are lots of references to previous games, it doesn't matter if you haven't played them, while it's also not possible to play. This is one franchise which was starting to go awry in its later games, but thankfully it has been resurrected in superb fashion with this series and this episode really goes out with a bang. The story is rounded up neatly and in typically madcap fashion, with some great twists and turns and bucketloads of humor. The puzzles are as clever, varied and challenging as you could hope for, making this a near perfect entry and returning the series to its well deserved place in history.