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Game introduction title screen - cover
Menu: easy or more complex puzzle?
Introduction: there it is our hero...
Intro sequence: Elaine
Intro sequence: you can recognize that shape... Le Chuck!
Adventure is starting!
Picking a note from Wally
Examine gate
Checking out of the window
That porthole is your only way out
Use the ring, right!
Proposing to Elaine
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Aargh, me hearties!. This third entry in the classic Monkey Island series might be lacking the guiding hand of the legendary Ron Gilbert, but it still manages to live up to the high standards laid down by its predecessors. It's got all the great humor, clever puzzles and an engrossing storyline which combine to make a cracking point-and-click adventure which should be played by fans of Discworld and the like. Our hero, Guybrush Threepwood has escaped the clutches of the dread pirate LeChuck, but now finds himself stuck at sea with nothing but a sausage and a diary. However, it's not long before LeChuck rears his ugly head once more and Guybrush finds himself caught up in a classic tale of cursed rings where he must save his beloved from a fate worse than death. The gameplay here will be familiar to anyone who has played the previous games or any point-and-click adventure like Maniac Mansion, and requires you to explore various environments, interacting with the numerous characters and solving inventory-based puzzles, and while this is a genre which hasn't evolved much, it remains as enjoyable as ever. Curse is a cracking way to round out the opening trilogy of this series, and it's got pretty much everything you need to have a good time. It's voice acted for the first time, which adds even more personality to things, while the visuals have seen a much needed overhaul and which again add to the appeal. The story and puzzles are both well done, while the series' trademark humor is well in evidence. All in all, a great piece of entertainment.
LucasArts are gods of adventure game. This point and click adventure is just the third in a fantastic series of the Monkey Island games released by the famous LucasArts, responsible for a lot of other great games like the Indiana Jones and Star Wars games. The beauty and color of this series continue to amaze me, and this game is no exception. The beautiful and colorful design, the interesting character and appealing story is what makes a good game, and this one has all three. As in all games, the gameplay is very simple and easy to learn. The game excels in a fantastic soundtrack that was composed by Michael Land, who provided soundtrack for the past two games and this is the first game in the series to provide real voice acting. This game is adventurous, it's fun, it's funny and a beautiful sight to see. Who can wish for a better adventure game than this one? Oh, and when you finish with this story, you can continue with the story about Guybrush Threepwood in the game's sequel Escape from the Monkey Island.