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Unleash the horror. Coming from one of the core designers behind many of the smash hit Resident Evil games, you'd expect pretty big things from The Evil Within and while it does deliver most of the expected shock, it doesn't quite live up to its full potential. You play the role of a detective called in to investigate a murder scene at a mental hospital, only to find it a veritable slaughter fest, with everyone, including the cops, dead in a very gruesome fashion. While reviewing the security footage, you're knocked out by a stranger and then wake up as the captive of a terrifying chainsaw-wielding man. And from here, it only gets scarier. What follows is a third-person survival horror adventure which aims to bring back the survival aspect of the genre, with limited ammo and supplies and a strong focus on sneaking past the numerous vicious creatures which inhabit the world. There's a range of weapons to find and upgrade, while there's also melee combat to engage in, and you can even craft traps to catch enemies unaware. For the most part, The Evil Within is a pretty solid piece of survival horror. It certainly delivers on the atmosphere front, with the gloriously grimy visuals creating a deliciously horrific mood. The story isn't the greatest ever but it's reasonably compelling while the gameplay doesn't bring anything really new to the table, making this feel quite old-school despite the advanced tech. It's not overly scary for the most part, but for any fan of the genre, it's still well worth a look.