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Adventure Soft Publishing1997
AdventureScience FictionHumorousPoint and clickSci fi
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Game introduction title screen - cover
Start a new game
Feeble in spaceship
Red spaceship
Spacemembers talking
Troubles starting
Reading newspaper
Message from mom
Check messages
Search for clues
 The Feeble Files pc game
Who do you voodoo?
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Make a big step and play it!. The Feeble Files is a 1997 futuristic adventure game, that I recommend to anyone, especially for its well-written and captivating story. The cutscenes, the voice acting, the humour, the puzzles, are also some of the most important reasons to play this game that will represent a high level treat for the adventure games enthusiasts. The main character is an alien with big eyes, named Feeble, who works for a division whose occupation implies creating crop circles on some planets that lack in advanced resources and systems, in order to panic the creatures/people that live there. Feeble must stop this evildoer system. Despite this game is quite old, the multidimensional and cartoony graphics make a very good impression, and this aspect remains appreciable throughout your progress. The controls involve pointing and clicking, and some puzzles have a high level of difficulty, but still, you will be fascinated until the end of the game. You will find yourself full of regrets, when you will finish the game, because you will still want to use your brain, having a great time all the while. For most of you, the interface may seem complicated to use and a bit awkward, but you will get used to it after some time. You will enjoy the general ambiance maintained by the fun characters, so, make a big step and join them in this exciting adventure!