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Middle of the road medieval stategy. The Guild series is a fairly extensive set of historical strategy games which focus more on politics and business than battling and which make for a decently entertaining time if you want to try out something a little unusual. Renaissance is not exactly a fully-fledged sequel or addon to The Guild 2, but a sort of standalone extra version of the game which adds in some new features but which is probably only really of interest to diehard fans of previous versions. This one is set in the 14th Century, with gameplay retaining the familiar mix of a story-less main mode, where the goal is to climb the business and political ladders of medieval Europe, but which adds in a few new scenarios and maps, some more professions to choose from and a handful of political options as well as a few other odds and ends. Apart from that though, it's pretty much business as usual so if you are familiar with earlier titles in the series, you'll be right at home here. Renaissance, like its sister titles is a distinctly average entry into the historical strategy genre. There's nothing staggeringly wrong with it, it's just there isn't much to help it stand out, with gameplay and options that are satisfying and reasonably deep but which never seem to provide all that much in the way of actual fun. The presentation and visuals are nice enough, with a good sense of the time and place, while there are plenty of things to keep you busy. Ultimately though, if you're looking for a really meaty historical game to get into, consider Europa Universalis instead.