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The Incredible Machine 3 download

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Introduction screen
First level (balls)
Second level
Third level: completed
Forth level (leverages)
Fifth level (engines): completed
Similar to level 3, but with engines
You have to turn lights on
Puzzle 8: play with fire
Puzzle 9: still fire and balls
Puzzle 10: rockets
More rockets in this puzzle
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Cunning and stimulating puzzler. The classic series returns in this third entry which retains the usual cunning and devilish physics-based puzzles. However, while the game is certainly a lot of fun and provides plenty of entertainment, veterans of the second game in the series beware, as this is basically the same thing, just with an improved interface. For those who have never experienced the joys of the series though, this is a neat and inventive game that deserves to be played. The game's premise is simple enough: using random collections of objects like electrical generators, bowling balls and cats, the player must create a machine which fulfils a specific task. The game makes extensive use of real-world physics like gravity and pressure and so it requires a great deal of thought and cunning to use the objects in the best possible way to create the most efficient machine. Of course, part of the fun here is not simply creating the simplest machine, but the most bizarre, imaginative and downright bonkers device you can possibly imagine and it is here that the game really comes into its own. It is immensely satisfying using your ingenuity and seeing your creations come to glorious life and the game provides a lot of replay value as you can return to it again and again to see what else you can come up with. Graphically, the game is straightforward but effective, with bright, appealing colours and simple sprites, while the interface makes it highly accessible and easy to get to grips with. If you enjoy games like Crazy Machines or Lemmings, then this is one for you.
Great puzzle game involving physics. Well this game is really a mind tester because it provides you with some really tough and mind bending puzzles of physics and is a great learning game. It is more of a physics simulator rather than a simple puzzle game. What's good about this game is that it involves some very realistic puzzles and you can always use your knowledge of the real world to solve out various puzzles. It is not for those who like guts flying in the air or hardcore shooter games but is definitely for those who like to exercise their mind with some real puzzles. It really sets you for relaxing down and then thinking on it with a clear mind and really enhances your ability to solve puzzles. For those who are interested in physics, it will really provide you something unique from physics point of view and will enable you to develop even more liking about the subject. The graphics are a bit average but the game does not demand some high quality graphics. It's a pure mind game rather than a game to attract your attention through action or graphics. Such games are always are good addition to one's hard disk. It's more like the Crazy Machines 2 which is an equally tough and interesting puzzle game.