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The Night of the Rabbit download

Daedalic Entertainment2013
AdventureFuturisticPoint and clickFantasyIndieCasual

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Fantasy atmosphere
Follow the white rabbit
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Talking animals ahoy!. Point-and-click adventures like this continue to be popular and prove that their heyday isn't over. This one isn't perhaps quite up to the dizzying heights of classics such as Monkey Island and Fate of Atlantis, but its visuals style and sheer unusualness mean that it's well worth a look for genre fans. The player takes control of a 12 year old boy who lives happily with his mother and has ambitions of being a magician. One day, he follows a talking rabbit into another world which is being threatened by dark forces and finds himself on an epic quest to save it from destruction. What follows is your fairly standard point-and-click adventure, where you wander around, chat with NPCs, collect items and solve numerous puzzles. These puzzles are mostly inventory-based but there are also some logic-based minigames, although these can be skipped. There are also some humorous branching dialogues to work your wya through, but there's little else that's different from other similar games to be honest, so it's really the story which is going to hook you in or not. The game gets off to a great start with some lovely visuals which really help to bring the magical children's world to life, with some lush environments that are utterly charming. The story too is quite compelling and should have you hooked to the end if you like children's fantasy. The puzzles are for the most part well integrated but there are are frustrating and obtuse ones which are at odds with the visual style. Despite this though, this remains an enjoyable adventure that will entertain and charm.