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The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief download

Nordic Games2013
AdventureMysteryCrime investigationPoint and clickDetective mystery

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Goodbye Constable
The game is afoot!. Originally released as a series of individual chapters, this is a classic point-and-click adventure in the style of Broken Sword or Monkey Island. This version collects the three episodes together into one package and which makes for a solidly entertaining mystery thriller. The story here is reminiscent of classic thrillers like Sherlock Holmes and follows the adventures of a master thief known as the Raven. Although he supposedly died several years ago, the recent theft of the Eyes of the Sphinx from the British Museum leads many to believe that his death might have been faked. You start out the investigation as a kindly old Swiss police officer on the Orient Express on the way to Egypt where a series of shady characters are gathering. Later chapters see you switching characters as the plot unfolds in a highly twisty turny fashion, and leads up to a surprise resolution. In terms of gameplay, this is a classic point-and-click adventure, and you explore various hand drawn environments, chatting to the locals and solving various inventory-based puzzles. There's nothing particularly original about The Raven, and the gameplay is largely business as usual in terms of the genre. The story is likely to be the big attraction for many gamers here and if you're into your Agatha Christie stories, then you probably get a lot out of this one. The plot is suitably complex and features enough clever reversals to keep you guessing until the end, while the puzzles are solid and fairly challenging. All in all, a decent, if unspectacular adventure.