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EuroVideo Medien2016
ActionAdventureIndieSexual contentViolentStrategyAdultAdventure strategyModern

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After the recent corruption scandal
I have a new assistant
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Hit and run
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Assault ghetto
Crime in progress
Suspicious Individual
Drug Sales
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Getting down and dirty on the streets. If strategy/management simulators like Dungeon Keeper or Theme Hospital are what get you going, then This Is the Police should be high on your list on games to check out. It's not going to be for everyone, but if you like being kept on your toes and dealing with lots of little details, then there's much entertainment to be had here. You take the role of a police chief in a crime-ridden city who is about to hit retirement. You've got 180 days until the big moment so before then, it's your task to make a cool half million in cash so you can really enjoy the rest of your days. The key thing is, how you achieve this is up to you. You'll have to deal with the day-to-day running of the police department, managing your staff, dealing with emergencies and investigating crimes, and so there are lots of decisions to make every step of the way, many of which will really challenge you, knowing that there's not always a clear difference between right and wrong. The whole thing is told via full voice-acting and features a complex cast of rich characters. If you're looking for action, then this is the wrong place, but for a more thoughtful but rarely less than enthralling experience, then this makes a great choice. The game is very stylish in terms of its visuals, which helps it get off to a great start, but once you delve into it, you'll find there's even more to like. The story is genuinely interesting, being well-written and featuring lots of twists and turns, while the day-to-day management is also surprisingly fun, making this a truly enjoyable game.