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Computer geek heaven. Although this is terribly clever stuff, unless you're a hardcore programmer then you might want to steer clear of it. It's a sort of puzzler but it's dressed up in the style of a 1980s programming language and thus for most of the world, it all looks a bit baffling and rather less than fun. However, if you do know a bit of coding, there might be some interest here. Your basic goal here is to delve into the TIS-100 and rewrite corrupted segments of code in order to get it running properly. There are plenty of secrets to discover for those clever enough to do so, which gives the game some kind of incentive. There is also actually a kind of story here and it's pretty creepy if truth be told, but the main focus is for computer geeks to print out and study an extensive reference manual and then solve 40 puzzles to get the TIS-100 up and running. The game is mostly presented as a wall of text, with all sorts of scary computer terms plastered all over the screen, while in addition to the main game, there's also a sandbox mode where you can design your own challenges. TIS-100 is slightly less accessible than the creator's earlier release, SpaceChem, and it certainly isn't for everyone. A lot of people will simply be baffled by it and turn off instantly, but if your passion really is computer science then this is nirvana for you. You're going to require all your programming knowledge to succeed here as this is challenging stuff, and unlocking all the game's secrets will take some time. A curiosity certainly, but a rewarding one for the right kind of gamer.