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No story, no items, no fun. Similar in concept to the likes of Shadow of the Colossus, but told with an old-school Zelda-style presentation, this is an intriguing concept, but which doesn't translate into a fully rounded game, thanks mainly to the concept itself. The game places you in the role of a lone hero who must assemble the shards of the legendary Titan Souls in order to protect his world. You're armed with nothing more than a single arrow with which to defeat your enemies, which are giant boss-type creatures of immense power. The game dispenses with many of the usual elements of such adventures, and charges you simply with exploring the world in order to find the Titans and defeat them. However, the trick here is that each boss requires a single hit to kill it. Simple, huh? Well, it's not quite as easy as that, as you have to discover where to attack them, while you also only have one arrow, and will die if you get hit once. That's actually pretty much it for the game, and there are no upgrades, items, quests of any of those sorts of things, and this is the game's strength and its weakness. The idea of a purely combat-based experience stripped of all else is interesting, but it unfortunately turns out you actually need all that other stuff to create a meaningful game. The combat here is certainly difficult, and it will take you many attempts to kill the monsters, but when you realize that's all there is, it's hard not to get frustrated. The visuals are simple but pleasant, but ultimately there's too little here to keep you going.