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Freebird Games2011
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Take me to the moon.... To The Moon might just be the best game out there for non-gamers but who love beautiful, heartbreaking stories. It's not going to have the same kind of appeal for anyone who loves traditional RPGs like Zelda with exploration, combat and depth, but in terms of plot, this is a cracker. In a wonderfully story, you follow the lives of two scientists who give dying people a second chance at life. By implanting memories into the minds of a patient, the scientists can help them to live the life they dreamed of, and the plot here revolves around their efforts to help a dying old man. They travel through his own memories, seeing his extraordinary life, piecing together a mystery involving his final wish, which is of course to travel to the moon. In terms of gameplay, well, there's actually very little in this respect, with a focus more on exploration and experiencing the story than combat or puzzles (although there are a few of these towards the end. So if you are looking for something to involve you on an interactive level, then you really need to look elsewhere as you're almost certainly going to get bored here. However, if you're prepared to be moved and affected like never before in a video game, then this is a must play. It's not a long game, clocking in around 4-5 hours, but over the course of this time, you will have your heartstrings tugged and it's a hard person indeed who can play this and not shed at least a little tear. Throw in some lovely visuals and a beautiful soundtrack and you have deep, heartfelt adventure that will linger with you long after it's over.