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Distinctive Software1991
SimulationFlightMilitary flight
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Game introduction title screen - cover
Background info
I remember this
Attention on deck!
Down in the bar
In the cockpit
On his tail
Keep following him
Don't let him out of your sights
Pull up!
Banking left
Nice day for flying
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Because Tom Cruise was our hero!. Top Gun Danger Zone, to my surprise is not only a game that just slapped some random flight game in there, nope, it's better than expected, for a title designed following the release of one of the biggest mega blockbusters of the 90s. Nope, it's like a well dosed, pretty fun flight game, with elements of all types sprinkled in there, some of them that take the game towards simulation, others that keep it steadfast into the realm of the well done arcaders. So, effectively, you'll play from within your cockpit, and you will pilot both the F14 as well as the F18, both well simulated. But remember, this was released in 91 and so, it has just so many elements that can be said to be realistic, and the graphics can only do so much, by today's standards. But, they sure can be impressive and, also, the colors are chosen with care, so as to make the game so much more interesting to look at. So, definitely, play it, it's (almost!) on par with Microsoft Flight games of the era, which, for a tie in game is really unexpected.