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Game introduction title screen - cover
Training mission intro briefing
Starting the first stage
Hiding behind a rock
You can climb that on the left
Good shoot!
Here the dinosaurs!
He's wounding you hardly!
That fountain is a dimensional door
You can swim if you want
Learn how to jump
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Kill the dinos and try to stay alive. Much like the game Carnivores, Turok is a first person shooter game in which your main and only prey are the dinosaurs. The game can be mostly described as a hybrid between Doom (for the extra violence and FPS) and Tomb Raider (exploring the area with your body that has a lot of abilities except just walking/running). You are to find keys that are scattered around the level and when you find a sufficient number of said keys, you can unlock the level exit. To make matters worse, you are at the same time a walking dinner for a massive amount of reptiles who are very, very hungry. Do your best at staying alive, killing those bastards and finding the keys, and you might finish the game. While the concept is pretty cool and the 3D graphics surely enhance the experience, the game can get boring after a while. The main reason is that there is nothing new. Level after level, you get the same challenges, same enemies and same gameplay. There is absolutely no variety. Overall, the game is pretty okay for a few hours, it'll be cool to see all the blood and gore, but it's not exciting enough to urge you to finish it.
Repetitive game. This games ok...little repetitive. I like the gun animations and the frame per second is really smooth, but when you see more than 5 enemies at once... It gets a little choppy, try it, you'll see what i mean. I loved the gore in this game! pretty fun to blow someone up with the grenade launcher, but i got after doing it for the umpteenth time. Well um, i thought the fighting was'nt the best part of the game, in fact, i really cant name anything i REALLY like about this game. However the game is fun if you like the gore, and the death animations.... but beyond that, and a pretty dead storyline, you don't really have much to do.