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TopWare Interactive2010
RpgRole playingAdventure rpgNudityViolentAdult

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First-rate fantasy fun. The Two Worlds series might not be quite in the same league as the legendary Elder Scrolls or Baldur's Gate titles, but it's still more than worth a look for when you've finished exploring these better known lands. The games play out like the Gothic series so if you are familiar with those games, you should be right at home here. The complex plot here does follow on from the first game though so you might want to start at the beginning to get the most out of it. The game starts with the player escaping from the clutches of a dark lord and which begins an epic quest to stop him from taking over the land, which is doing with the reluctant help of your sister. What follows is familiar fantasy stuff, where you wander a massive open world of swamps, deserts and forests, battling with monsters and creatures of a hundred types, while completing an absolute stack of quests. Improvements over the original include the addition of horseback riding, equipment forging and crafting, and alchemy, while there are also some limited class options. Although not staggeringly original in terms of gameplay or story, this is still a pretty enjoyable bit of fantasy nonsense. The world is genuinely well crafted and is mostly a joy to explore, with surprises around every corner and plenty of impressive visuals to bring it all to life. Combat is satisfying and thrilling, just as it should be, while there are enough options to keep hardened genre fans happy. There are a few minor issues but these don't get in the way of this being a first-class adventure.