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Paradox Interactive2016
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The uprising begins here. Although not officially released at the time of writing, Tyranny is a hugely promising-looking game that seems to mix the open-ended nature of things like the Geneforge saga with the classic RPG stylings of Baldur's Gate and the hack 'n' slash adventure of Diablo. The setting seems to be an intriguing one, with the game taking place in a sort of medieval fantasy world and where the age-old conflict between good and evil finally seems to have been won by the forces of darkness. Now evil reigns supreme and the survivors of the war must find their place in the new world. You play the part of one such individual, an officer in the evil empire's army, but as you explore, interacting with the population in the guise of executioner and bringer of justice, you'll need to choose whether you'll bring fear or hope to the masses. The developers say there'll be a branching narrative which will be affected by your actions and where every choice you make will affect how things unfold, leading to some interesting moral conundrums. The bulk of the gameplay seems to be styled in the fashion of the classic RPGs, with that distinctive isometric perspective that the genre uses so well, and with hints of huge amounts of the customization that fans of the genre demand. The visuals look quite striking from screeshots and videos, with a distinctive art style in the extended cutscenes that looks original and dramatic. The in-game shots look fairly simple but packed with color and unusual environmental effects, so all that remains to be seen is how it all comes together.