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Electronic Arts1999
RpgFantasyThird PersonShooterRole playingAction

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Ultima IX: Ascension pc game
Intro image
Start the mission
Practice swimming in the pool
Take down
It's in the game
In the Kitchen
Open the fridge
Open the book
Take the book
Kill the animal
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You have to discover this last fantastic story!. Ultima series is here with the last game, the ninth, named "Ascension". There have been almost twenty years of epic stories, and now the greatness ends with this final installment. Ultima IX contains the conclusion of the story that can't be forgotten so easily. It still resembles the previous release, with its role-playing elements, its gameplay based on creating the character using questions, with its wonderful world and exciting quests. You will have at your disposal a large inventory full of useful objects, and you will also have the possibility to customize your weapons and armor. The development of your character is enabled, assuming the glowing of his personal state, skills and special abilities (strength, dexterity , intelligence). Throughout the action set in Britannia, you take the role of the hero named the Avatar, that will fight alone, without specific aid or companions. This fact is also encountered in the previous Ultima game. The gameplay is truly high quality, the freedom of movement and the manoeuvrable interface are extremely amiable. The exploration enables the interaction with various items in your way, so pay attention.As you progress, you will learn new moves and attack strategies. Well, until now, I have emphasized only positive aspects found in all the categories, so that is why you have to discover this last fantastic story!