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Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams download

ORIGIN Systems1991
RpgFirst personMyth and legendReal timeRole playingAdventureSci fi

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The story begins
Epic stuff
Intro sequence
It's Mr. Sigmund Freud!
Chatting with the team
Main game screen
Exploring the spaceship
What a handsome cove
I say old chap!
He must be the sawbones
Who's this fellow?
Game introduction title screen - cover
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Follow dr. Freud around Mars. The Ultima RPG game series is one of the most prominent adventure series of the eighties and the early nineties and this one is the second and last in the series spin-off's World of Adventure duo. The game is set in an very interesting Victorian and has a very mysterious and intriguing setting. Funny, too! So, the story centers around a rocket prototype that was sent to Mars by accident, with many very famous and prominent people of the era trapped inside. Now it is up to you, anonymous player, to go to Mars, explore it thoroughly and find your way back to Earth along with the rest of the crew, Dr. Freud being on of them! The game is labeled as an RPG but it has infact a lot more adventure characteristics than it does RPG ones since the main part of the game includes exploration and interaction with other people. The game is extremely original and has spirit - and that is the most important thing when trying to label a game as great. The graphics are very good when compared to the rest from that time. Truly, if you ever like the Ultima series or just want yourself a humorous and intriguing adventure game, Martian Dreams will be a fantastic choice!