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Main menu
Game skirmish mode
Selecting all the units
Moving the units to south
Quick unit to discover land
Crossing the bridge
Figth on going
Enemy village spotted
Destroying the village
Second campaign
Starting stage 2
A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
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Cool plot but boring at times. War Wind is a strategy game developed in 1996 by DreamForge, a company passionate about innovation, whose productions were always received by the public with great excitement. This game is similar to Warcraft II, from the graphics, gameplay and general configuration point of view. The action takes place in the land of Yavaun, where four races called Tha'Roon, Obblinox, Eaggra and the Shama'Li are fighting for supremacy. Choosing the races will lead to both advantages and disadvantages, and you can see your activity with a top-down perspective. The graphics are poor, confusing, and that's why I found it difficult to distinguish the races and other things in the game. You have to build communities, in order to gain power, to fight enemies and use your resources. You can choose between four modes: Campaign, or Story Mode, where you are given already planned missions, Scenario Mode where you choose a scenario with three different missions, Custom Scenario mode, that allows creating your own scenario, and Online Mode, that doesn't need any presentation. This game brings new features like advanced movements based on stealth modes and bio-upgrade mode. Despite its improvements, War Wind was boring for me many times.