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Rise of the ratmen. Games Workshop's fantasy setting has never received the same level of attention as its 40K counterpart, but Dark Omen and Shadow of the Horned Rat are deserving of being in any fanboy's collection alongside Dawn of War. Vermintide is a recent release which plays a lot like Left 4 Dead and stands as a fun addition to the lore if you're into team-based shooters. The game is set during the recent apocalyptic time of ending which tore apart the Warhammer world and finds you as one of five characters trying to survive the chaos. In partnership with your team mates, you'll be playing through a series of objective-based missions which require team work in order to survive. You can expect to gather certain resources, reaching extraction points and so on, all the while avoiding the unwelcome attentions of the hordes of loathsome Skaven (giant ratmen) who are out to get you. Each character has unique weapons to make use of while there's also a fairly deep progression system which allows you to upgrade your gear and make you into a formidable fighting force. If you want to play a solo shooter, this is probably best skipped as it simply isn't as much fun by yourself. However, if you can find yourself a good team to play with, there's heaps of entertainment to be had and it's a genuinely fun ride that rewards true co-op play. The game certainly looks lovely, bringing the Warhammer world to life like never before and the controls are tight and responsive, while the audio adds much to the atmosphere. Overall, a good choice for Warhammer fans with friends, perhaps not for everyone else.