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Take to the skies (again). The original Wings is a classic Amiga flight simulator that threw players into the cockpit of an old WWI era biplane and which provided plenty of fun aerial combat shenanigans. This update is testament to the game's enduring popularity and if you haven't played the original, this is perhaps the best way to experience it now. The original offered a mix of traditional 3D dogfighting, vertical bombing runs and isometric strafing levels and which has been updated to take advantage of today's technology but which remains as fun as it ever did. The story sees your pilot joining 56th Squadron and jumping in a Sopwith Camel to take the fight to the Germans during the aerial war. There are over 200 missions to take part in, which vary from taking out factories to going head to head with notorious aces. In between missions, you get to follow your pilot's own personal story, by reading diary extracts which chart the progress of the war and which reveal a fascinating aspect of the conflict. The update also adds in voice acting and a newly redone musical score, adding further to the appeal. This really is a top notch piece of work which doesn't disgrace the memory of the original, but which adds and expands on it to create a fresh and exciting experience. The obvious attraction of the enhanced visuals and audio is great, while the main gameplay remains largely untouched but which is still as enjoyable as ever. The missions are challenging, varied and rarely less than fun, so if you fancy an old-school experience, but with a modern twist, then this is well worth a look.