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CD Projekt2015
ActionFantasyMyth and legendMedievalRole playingAdventureAction rpgRpg

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A modern day classic. The first two games in this series, The Witcher and Witcher 2, are absolute genre classics which redefined the fantasy RPG market and which should be played by any self respecting gamer. This third entry takes the series to new heights and shows just what can be done when a company at the height of its creative powers gets to do things the way it wants. The story here is a complex one and it's probably best to go in with at least some foreknowledge in order to get the most out of what follows. This however isn't exactly a problem as the lore here is so rich, detailed and well written that it's a joy to lose yourself in the world. Basically, though you are Geralt, a Witcher, a kind of super cool hunter who goes after big monsters, and who finds himself caught up in the machinations of the Wild Hunt, a supernatural army which is raging across the land with their own secret objective. What follows is a complex, open world RPG, which features plenty of exciting combat, stacks of exploration, magic, crafting and tricky moral dilemmas to solve, which actually shape the world around you. It's perhaps this last aspect which is the most intriguing of the game, and rarely has any game ever made the player feel so important in the grand scheme of things, as you can really see the impact your decisions have on the land. The visuals too are top notch, with gorgeous designs and a fantastic sense of the epic, and you truly feel that this world is alive. Throw in thrilling combat and an almost endless variety of things to do and people to meet and you have a true modern day classic.