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StrategyOrganized forcesReal time
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Team selection
Opening shots
Aim high
Taking out the trash
looking good for the blues
Where's the last one?
Ferret is the worm!
Last worm standing
It all begins again
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The original, but cleaned and with extra content. Worms is the classic TBS cartoony strategy of the 90s the kind of game you'd have installed on your machine for those times when you needed to unwind, solo or with friends. The recipe is quite simple: you have control over a spazzy team of worms, armed with crazy weapons, amongst which exploding sheep, weird looking grenade launchers and other such crazy utensils are the norm. During the mid 90s this game sure was nice graphically, with colorful though not nauseating graphics, nicely animated annelids and other extras to see you playing for hours on end. While today a game such as Worms World Party might make a better match for modern PCs, Worms Plus will take you back into the past with nothing more than a DOSBox installed and a bit of patience until you learn the controls. The beauty of the game stemmed from the combination of skill and tactics it asked of the player, as each game posed a number of challenges. Some were tactical, which worm to shoot, which one to move, how probable it would be that a certain shot will reach its target and so on. On the other hand the game was cartoonish and very energizing, making it the perfect TBS action game to pick up, almost in a genre of its own making. So, without a doubt, give it a try, it's worthwhile on all fronts, for TBS lovers, casual or hardcore alike.
One of my favorite games. Worms, by far one of the greatest games ever made. If you have not heard of this game, download it and play it now. The original worms was made for the Amiga home computer and has since been ported to many, many different home consoles and computer systems. Worms: Reinforcements, is an expansion pack that was sold after WORMS came to PC and MS-DOS and became a popular hit. As WORMS: Reinforcements, was sold separate, as an expansion pack it was later released as the combined game WORMS & WORMS Reinforcements, known more commonly as Worms United. The game programmers at Team 17, put in array of more fun weapons in the expansion pack as well as new levels. Worms is still popular nearly and has spawned a series with the sequel well known Worms Armageddon being an equally,if not, more popular. You can still download this 1995 game through Xbox Live and Iphone, so the game is still as popular as ever. I recommend looking for Worms United if you are still trying to install this expansion pack nearly 20 years later. Great game this will always be one of my favorites, as it is hilarious to play this with friends and to watch blast them off them level with so many comical weapons such as my favorite the sheep bomb.