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Take back the planey. The X-Com series is something of a legend in the turn-based strategy arena, having come from the mind of the genius behind Laser Squad and now having developed into a behemoth of a franchise. This one is the sequel to the recent Enemy Unknown and is another excellent offering that deserves to be played. The story takes place some twenty years after the events of the aforementioned game, which resulted in the loss of Earth to the attacking aliens. As the leader of a small guerilla force, it's your job to take back the planet and reclaim it in humanity's name. There are two main areas of gameplay here, both offering different elements but which meld extremely well. The first aspect sees you flying around the world in your mobile command unit, bolstering support for other guerillas and upgrading the ship. The second area is the meat of the game and finds you leading squads of soldiers through complex missions with multiple objectives in traditional turn-based strategy style. XCOM 2 really is a superb example of the genre as it just gets everything right. It's not an easy game so don't go in expecting an easy ride, but if you're up to the challenge, there's a hugely rewarding experience to be had here. The mission design is fantastic, with some very varied offerings which really keep you on your toes, thanks in part to the massive range of tactical options offered by the class system and weapon upgrades, and which gives the game a true sense of depth. The story is equally good, being emotional and compelling, while visuals and interface are top notch. A modern classic.